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    Team is Growing!

    posted by Admin, 10.10.2019

    Congratulation for pGxRay for being [MOD]pGxRay!

    He will be always here for your question and problems! 

    Please keep your chat clear and do not spamm with useless questions!

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    Our server got an amazing Gameplay with many atractive systems! Most of them are regulary systems you could find on every other server but also we own rare systems wich can give you more fun on your adventure on Emerald2. Here you got a list of some of them (Gaya System , Pet System , Mount System , Shaman System , Reborn System , Title System , Bonus System , Offline Shop System , Far Shop System , Dragon Stone Alchemy System , Belt System , Sash System , Costume System , War System , Gaya and Won also are present. Join our server and find yourself many other interactive systems!